Classes Offered:

Medical Billing and Codingmedical-coding-training.jpg

This course will prepare the student to seek employment as an entry-level Medical Biller and Coder. The student will have a brief introduction to Medical Terminology.The student will learn how to code for diagnoses, procedures, and supplies.The student will learn how to code using the ICD-9-CM and ( ICD 10), CPT ( Current Procedural Terminology), and HCPCS( Health Care Procedure Coding System)manuals.In the billing portion of the class the student will gain knowledge of major health insurance programs and federal health care legislation to correctly process medical claim forms reimbursement. In addition, the student will study the different types of insurance along with regulatory and legal issues. The student will study the different types of insurance along with regulatory and legal issues. The student will practice filling out the CMS-1500 claim form. Different types of commercial insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Sheild, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE and Workers' Compensation in addition to Disability.

Participant Eligibility
To participate in the Billing and Coding class, the student must have a High School Diploma or G.E.D.It is strongly recommended that the student take a Medical Terminoloy class prior to enrollment in the Medical Billing and Coding program, but it is not required.

Program Location:
Classes will be held at In Training College

Program Days and Times:
 Tuesday evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Class will run for 28 weeks.


  1. The student is reponsible for purchasing their own books.
  2. The student will recieve all information for the books at sign ups.
  3. Student must have a High School Diploma, GED, or Transcript.

Upon successful completion of this program the student will be eligible to take the National Certification exam for a Billing & Coding specilalist given by the (NHA) National Healthcareer Association. The Certification fee is the responsibility of the student and information will be given to the student during the class portion.