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We want you to get to know our educational staff. They are all amazing and committed to the work they teach.

EKG Instructor: Eileen
MB&C Instructor: Michael
Pharmacy Technician Instructor: Bobbie Jo
Certified Nurse Aide Instructor: Patrice
Certified Nurse Aide Instructor: Brenda

Phlebotomy Technician Instructor: Natisha
Medical Assistant Instructor: Michael
Qualified Medication Aide Instructor: Monica
Career Advisor/Enrollment: Epsie
CPR Instructor- Lloyd
CNA Program Director- Sadie
Office Help- Trinity



In Training College has been educating students in the the medical field for over 28 years.


In Training College has been educating students from; Lake, Porter, Jasper, Newton, LaPorte, White Co, Indianapolis and other towns along with; Will, Lake and Cook counties in Illinois and more since 1995.

We take pride in teaching our students in the medical field for which the student would like a long term Medical Career.

The College was founded by Kelly F. Besaw, RN, MSN and Jeff Besaw with the vision to train and provide quality, short-term education in a variety of Medical Professions that are affordable and meaningful to our local population. Although, Jeff and Kelly have retired the new owner,

Roberta L. Lager, ABS, HRM is moving forwarded with making changes that will benefit the college in the future.

All of our instructors  have degrees in the field that they teach. Our instructors also have many years of combined experience and have passion in what they teach.

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