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We offer a variety of healthcare courses for you to start a new career! Read further for class descriptions.


In Training Inc., College is fully accredited by Indiana Department of Workforce Development - Office of Career and Technical Schools. 

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Taking a Shower

     In this course, the student will master the basic skills needed to take care of residents in a state-approved long-term care facility or hospital setting. The student will learn the fundamentals of caring for patients. Students will learn how to assist with the activities of daily living (ADL), bathing, dressing, exercise movement, eating, eliminating safety measures, and more techniques. Students must pass a pre-entry exam that is required by the State in order to enroll. Total training time will be 36 hours of classroom instruction and 80 hours of clinical rotation.

     This is an Indiana State Department of Health course for the CNA Training. After completion of this course, the student will be eligible to take the State exam. Testing is done through Ivy Tech. 

Electrocardiography Technician
(EKG tech)

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

     The student taking this course will gain knowledge in the basic anatomy and physiology of the heart and circulatory system, including cardiopulmonary circulation, coronary blood supply, and the electrical basis of electro-cardiology. The student will learn about cardiac medications and treatments. The student will be able to identify EKG waveforms, intervals, segments and complexes. The student will become proficient with EKG techniques and interpretations. In addition, the student will learn the placement of the leads for a holter monitor, and stress testing, along with contraindications. There will be labs after class. The instructor schedules the dates.

Medical Assistant

Blood Pressure Check

This program is designed to give the student basic knowledge to gain employment as a Medical Assistant in a clinical setting. Students will obtain a National Certification in Medical Assistant. The areas of study will include medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, including the diseases of the body system. Additionally, we will cover CPR and first aide training will be offered for an additional cost. Office procedures such as Reception, Scheduling, Communications, Laws, and Ethics principles along with Medical Billing and Coding. The student will also learn the basics of Pharmacology and medication administration techniques, patient assessment, and assisting the physician with examination and minor office surgeries. Back-office procedures such as EKG testing, phlebotomy, and in-office lab testing will be covered. Previous medical education is not necessary, but it is helpful.

Medical Billing & Coding


     This course is designed to give the student basic knowledge of the guidelines for coding and billing in a medical setting. The student will start with an introduction to the Medical Terminology. The student will learn how to code using the ICD-10-CM, CPT (current Procedural Terminology), and HCPCS (Health Care Procedure Coding System) manuals. The Billing portion of the class the student will gain knowledge major health insurance programs and federal health care legislation to correctly process medical claim form reimbursement. In addition, the student will practice filling out the CMS-1500 claim forms such as; different types of commercial insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE and Workers Compensation in addition to Disability.

     Upon completion of the program, the student will be eligible to take their National Certification exam given by the National Healthcare Association, (NHA).  Students are responsible for their own exam fees.

Pharmacy Technician

     This course is an Indiana Board of Pharmacy approved program. This course will prepare the student  to understand the role that a Pharmacy technician plays in the retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and long-term care pharmacy. This course has an emphasis on math, including; roman numerals, fractions, and decminals (with conversions between the two), and basic algebra. The students are required to pass a pre-entry math test to see where you stand on the math to get into the program. The instructor for the this course does not teach algebra, students must know this going into the program. The student will learn basic medical terminology, reading and interpreting medication orders and prescriptions, laws for the Pharmacy Tech. The student will define drugs by generic and brand names. The student will also learn rules of dispensing prescriptions, billing, and reimbursement.  The student will be calculating doses for the weight of the person or child prescribed medication. It is very important that the student signing up for this program has knowledge of algebra.

     Rotation hours according to the Indiana State Pharmacy Board are 160 hours, 20 hours being in lab in house 140 in a facility setting. Students must provide the required  medical documentation before rotations. Student must also apply for a in-training permit before rotations. Class time is 17 weeks.

Phlebotomy Technician

Woman Donating Blood

     Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to perform all procedures performed by an entry-level Phlebotomist. The student will gain knowledge of medical terminology. The student will also learn about venipuncture and dermal punctures of adults, children, infants, and geriatric patients. The student will learn about specimen handling, safety, and ethical and professional behavior. Students will learn all about PPE, donning, and removing. The student will gain knowledge of the circulatory system as well as all tubes. The student will also have 15 days in a clinical rotation setting in a hospital.

     Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to sit for the ASCP certification. This certification is at the student's expense.  

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