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Thank you for choosing us for your future success. Please take a look at our class list. If there is something that interest you, please call the college to get more information. At In Training College, we are dedicated to offering the highest education to our students. All of our instructors have degrees or a certification and have many years experience in the field that they teach. Take a look under the " Course Offering" to see the next available dates that classes are offered.


The Mission Statement of In Training College, Inc. is:

To provide quality, short-term education in a variety of Medical Professions that are affordable and meaningful to our local population and where there is opportunity for employment.

The Vision Statement of In Training College, Inc. is:

To educate students and supply them with the knowledge necessary to gain employment in a health career.


This institution is regulated by: 

Department of Workforce Development

Office of Career and Technical Schools

10 N. Senate Ave, Suite SE 308

Indianapolis, IN 46204

317 234-8338 or 317-232-1732