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Your healthcare 
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Looking for a career change?

We offer a variety of medical courses from pharmacy technician, medical assistant, certified nursing assistant (CNA) and more! Most of our courses are on a once weekly basis allowing for working adults to go back to school. 

Why In Training, Inc. College?

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Our Approach

You will receive hands on training from professionals in the field and with the rotational sites necessary for your success.

Scheduling around working adults!

The majority of our courses are scheduled on a once weekly basis to allow working adults the chance to go to school. Some courses are offered in both day or evening shifts to fit your schedule.

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Interest free payment plans

Not only are our classes less expensive than other colleges - we work with you on your payment plan for the courses. We also accept Work One vouchers.

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State accredited

All of our courses are accredited by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and all of the classes we offer will grant you eligibility to sit for examination to start your new career!

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Danielle A., Facebook review

"Great school
I went here for cna, my oldest daughter went here for medical assistant and now my middle daughter is going here for phlebotomy."

Course offerings

We offer a variety of medical-based career courses. Call today and find out which may be best for you!

Taking a Shower

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Help patients with their basic needs such as dressing and bathing under the direct supervision of a nurse. 

Computer Class

Medical Billing & Coding

Formulate billing codes from a patient's visit and generate insurance claims for the doctor's office.

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Electrocardiography (EKG) Technician

Operate equipment that tracks and monitors the electrical conduction of the heart. This helps providers diagnose heart problems.

Arranging the Pharmacy Drawer

Pharmacy Technician

Aid pharmacists in various settings by preparing medications for patients.

Checking Blood Pressure

Medical Assistant (MA)

Assist with basic medical tasks like taking a patient's medical history, obtaining vitals, and other doctor office's needs.

Blood Test

Phlebotomy Technician

Learn the medical art of collecting blood for laboratory tests, transfusions, or donation.

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